The Little Christmas Box of Candles
The Little Christmas Box of Candles

The Little Christmas Box of Candles

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This perfect LITTLE CHRISTMAS BOX has 3 EXCLUSIVE holiday inspired fragrances! 

With these magical Christmas candles, you are guaranteed hours of happiness! The little Christmas box set contains:

2 oz Caramel House candle, crafted with love and a whole lot of festive spirit, this candle is like a warm hug from an old friend. Its sweet, buttery caramel scent is so authentic, you'd swear someone was making a fresh batch of caramel in the next room!

2 oz Shooting Star Candle, lift the lid, and let the top notes of refreshing eucalyptus, warm chestnuts, and invigorating rosemary whisk you away to a frosty evening beneath the stars.

2 oz Wonderland candle : from the very first spark, this candle beckons you with an inviting dance of spicy cinnamon, warm clove, and the comforting embrace of vanilla. It’s like a cup of your grandma's secret spiced cocoa recipe!