Determined - Eau De Toilette
Determined - Eau De Toilette
Determined - Eau De Toilette

Determined - Eau De Toilette

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This is for YOU, the Woman who wakes up with determination.

This is for YOU – the Woman who is determined to make an impact, the Woman who wakes up every morning with a passion burning inside her chest. The Woman who is ready to start her day because she has so many ideas inside her head that she can’t wait to share with the world.

This is for YOU – for always wearing your heart on your sleeve and being unafraid to show who you are. This is for you for never giving up on your dreams and for continuing to do the best you can despite any circumstances you face on a day-to-day basis.

This is for YOU – for always giving your all to life, for letting it break you from time to time because you are only human, after all. But never letting to keep you down, to finding the strength you have within you to get back up and come back stronger.

You are incredible and inspiring and powerful. You have everything in your heart to be successful and dominate – don’t ever forget that. And if you ever do then we’ve created this fragrance as a reminder that you are appreciated. Never let the world dull your shine because your impact is remarkable, so thank you.

We wanted a fragrance inspired by the light. The new perfume “DETERMINED” is infused with the sun-filled flowers that will capture your heart.

For this luxurious and elegant perfume, the white flowers of tuberose and gardenia are used in harmony to create a fresh, modern bouquet. The floral fragrance gains richness thanks to an underlying mix of jasmine and white lily.

White flowers offer some of the most feminine notes in the fragrance world, powerful, seductive and impressively elegant. Yet it is sensual too.

Determined to shine? Definitely !


Made in Canada – Eau de Toilette 10 ml (170 sprays)